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« on: December 23, 2011, 01:33:05 PM »
facebook is a social network that connect people all around the world. People use facebook to
keep in touch with friend, upload photo, post links and video, and learn more about the people
they meet. In my opinion ,facebook is the best social network for three reasons.
First, you have to register in website and loging by your  password. Than you can add friend ,
sed messages and update personal profiles to notify friends by yourself. Personal blog is easy
to use such as share the opinion with new , work and entertainment . A portion of songs , clips
and links are clear , so you can organize easily . Moreover, it is easy to follow the information like
any website and you can know what you friend are doing.
Finally, it has many application and service. For example, the online games that will make many friends.
In addition, it also make you pet fams, sending gifts, quizs and say happy birthday to your friend.
In conclusion facebook is the best social network that make you to connect and share life with people,
but some time you friend can know about private data. What do you think about facebook?

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